The Migraine

I never used to suffer from headaches, but over the years, I’ve started coming down with more headaches than I wish to have. Stress is a big factor, since I am the worry wort of the family. I know I take on too much and I pay for it in pain.

Lately, my headaches have turned worse, and I’ve been developing migraines-argh! The hubby gets bad migraines during allergy season. He has to take a hot shower and lay down in a dark room. I usually just take Tylenol and put a cold wash cloth on my forehead.


Other then stress, migraines can be caused by overworked neck muscles. The blood flow drops drastically from the muscles tightening and squeezing the arteries. When the muscles finally relax, the blood vessels stretch and the blood starts pumping and pushes the vessels more.

Symptoms of migraines:

-Severe pain on just one side of head.

– Pain starts from behind the eye.

-Pain concentrated on  left side of head.


Migraines are not fun and if you get them frequently, you might want to try healthy natural cures.

Getting Rid of Migraines Naturally…

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