Mounds Bar Popsicle

I have been waiting for the warm weather to get here. Swimming. Gardening. Cookouts. Evening walks after a long day.

Love it.

The only time I can handle Popsicles is when it’s super hot out. The hubby and kids will eat fudge bars and flavored ice in the middle of winter, when it’s below zero. Brrrr….

coconut popsicles

But, now it’s summer, so it’s my turn to be in the mood for Popsicles. You know, like normal people.

This year, I’ve been on a coconut kick after watching Dr. Oz one day. Coconut is very, very, very good for you. Did you know that? So, it’s been trips to the store to buy coconut water weekly. I also realized that coconut water is expensive. Sorry guys, we won’t be able to go on our annual summer trip because Mama needs her daily jug of coconut water.

chocolate coconut popsicle

Anyway, I discovered that there is such a thing as coconut flavored Popsicles. Just like when you get a new car, you realize just how many other cars just like yours are on the road, I started realizing just how many coconut products there are out there.

So, of course I wanted to make my own healthier version.  I gathered my ingredients and picked up a can of coconut milk. As  I headed off to the long line at the checkout, I browsed the candy isle that they put there just to tempt me into making my thighs get bigger.

I love Mounds Bars (coconut-score!) and figured I’d throw a couple onto the counter. As I watched the candy bar go down the belt, I thought about my soon-to-be made pops. Can I add chocolate? Well, of course I can, silly!

Emily helped me make my new creation with the promise of being able to eat one or two afterwards. When they came out of the freezer, we popped them out of their molds and dipped them in Magic Chocolate and sprinkled coconut on top.

Mounds Bar popsicle

Taaa-da! Mounds Bar Popsicles!

Make it:

1 can of coconut milk

1 tablespoon of honey

1/2 cup of coconut flakes

1/2 cup of Magic Shell Chocolate


Pour coconut into a bowl that has a lip so you can pour into popsicle molds. Pour honey in and stir. Pour into molds. Sprinkle coconut into each mold and place lid on molds. Add sticks through the holes. (optional: you can wait until semi frozen before you put sticks in)

After popsicles are frozen, take them out of molds and dip ends into Magic Shell Chocolate. Quickly sprinkle more coconut flakes on chocolate. Let harden, then eat!

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