7 Blog Posts You Should Stop Writing

I’m going to  try a new series starting today called, Work-at-Home Wednesdays. This series will include work at home ideas, blogging tips, interviews and other business related articles-enjoy!

7 Blog Posts You  Should Stop Writing

Do you waste post space with topics that find your reader’s eyes glossing over? With the high competition of blogs  these days, it’s hard to capture the attention of readers. You may have to think twice before you hit that publish button.


1. The Gossip Post

Do you have some seedy gossip about a fellow blogger or coworker? Don’t be the mean girl. Sure, it might get you tons of comments and traffic, but it will ruin your reputation.

2. Ten Things I Like…Your Turn

I still see memes floating around the Internet. Your friends won’t tell you, but THEY HATE BEING TAGGED. It’s old school and needs to retire.

3. I’m Soooooo Mad!

Don’t publish a heated post until you’ve had a chance to cool down. You might regret publishing it later, especially if it’s about a friend or relative that would be hurt if they read it.

4. Not My Words

If your post contains a lot of quotes from other bloggers and no real opinion or content of your own, then try to get in the conversation of the post before publishing it. If you don’t know enough to make it your own words, try finding an expert to guest post instead.

5. Is This Worthy To Post?

We’ve all been there; you know you need to post because it’s been awhile, but you’ve had writer’s block and nothing interesting has happened in your life. So, you throw together a quick post. Not a good idea. Only publish what you would if you were hired by a brand to write. If you need another day, then just wait. Who knows, you might of lost a new reader because they picked that day to visit.

6. “Sorry I’ve Been MIA”

We all do it. You’ve been sick. You took a break. You had writer’s block. That’s fine, but instead of wasting an entire post explaining why you’ve been gone, either just deal with the fact, or write a quick sentence and move on to your topic of your post.

7. Empty Promises

You have a great idea and you share it with your readers. You promise to write a post about how to fix a squeaky door next week and two weeks pass and still no post. Don’t make your loyal readers mad. If you promise, then deliver!

What do you wish your favorite bloggers would stop doing?

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