Blurb Coupon Time Again!

The weather is finally getting warmer for most of us and that means getting outdoors. Before you do that, why not dust off all those photos from Christmas, or even those photos from last year’s birthdays and make a photo book using Blurb‘s photo book publishing!

I am going to and I have a very cool idea on what I’m going to make. Can you guess?

A cookbook!

Yep. You can even design a cookbook using Blurb. Wouldn’t that be fun? It’s not hard at all and you even can get an ebook version!

Here will be my cover photo:

Do you have some great recipes that you would love to put together to give  family and friends? It’s never too early to think about a great gift idea and one that nobody else has. Hey, isn’t Mother’s Day coming up? Mom would love to have all her recipes documented in a book for the whole family.

Way cool.

Blurb is going to make it even more tempting for you and give you  15% off for all of April. Use promo code APRIL15.

That’s a great deal-I love using Blurb’s coupons when ordering a photo book.

So, hurry up before you spend all your time outside and clean out those jpegs- you will be glad you did!

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