Is it April Already?

I seriously cannot believe how fast the year is going by this year! We’ve already celebrated a birthday, anniversary, two holidays and the kids are two months away from completing another grade level.

Stop already!

I had a good feeling about this year blogging wise. I’ve been on the fence, off the fence, with my blogging business. I mean, I love writing and the thought of a writing career would be the answer to my dreams, but I’ve been discouraged as to whether I could do it or not. I think I found my faith back in it this year though.

I have stumbled upon some breaks as well, with my blog finally coming up to be featured on SITS. Yay! I’m so glad I was dedicated to that group and commented daily. I also found a new passion with food photography and started a second foodie blog here.

Speaking of that blog, I have a big surprise this month over there. I’ll give you a clue; do you like to read fiction books?

I hope to introduce my blogs to new readers when I have my feature on SITS (April 10th) and then I will announce my surprise so please stop back to find out!

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