The Sick House

We found out Friday that Emily has strep throat. I found out today that I have it too.


So, I’ve been laying down all day and trying to get some work done on the computer because I have many deadlines to make. It’s hard when you feel like crap and you need to try to make your brain work.

Work, brain. Work.

In the meantime, I get to swallow horse  pills, and Emily is lucky because her meds are in liquid form. If you ask her though, she would not agree. She has the pickiest taste buds ever. We fight all the time over what she will eat, down to even  what chewable vitamins she will take. So, imagine when it comes to taking yucky medicine.

Call me a bad mom, but whenever she comes down with something that requires her taking medicine, I’d rather take her in for a shot every day then battle with her over taking medicine.

We are on our third day of meds and yes, it’s been hell. I’ve bribed, yelled, bribed again, threatened and bribed once again. Thank God it’s only twice a day, but these ten days will be the longest ten days of my life.

It wouldn’t be Emily if she didn’t have one of her “cute” little remarks (by “cute” I mean, her I’m-going-to-insult-my-mom-and-get-away-with -it-because-I’m-so-cute). The other day, I was trying to get her to take some cough syrup and as usual, she was fighting me. So, I decided to show her it didn’t taste so bad by trying it myself.

I took a tiny sip and said, “It’s not bad. It’s kind of cherry tasting.”

She just looked at me and replied, “Of course it tastes good to you, you like your bad cooking!”

Yep, she’s just so darn cute.


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