Children’s Mucinex Review

It was like they knew my youngest was going to get sick.

When I was offered to do a review of the New Children’s Mucinex Formula, I was wondering how in the world could I try it out when nobody was sick? About a couple of days before receiving my sample, Emily started coughing and sneezing. We tried all the natural methods and then when I got my package in the mail, I figured that now was a good time as any to try it. childrens mucinex

Mind you, I read all the warnings and used it exactly as directed. This multi-symptom cold with expectorant cough suppressant and nasal decongestant was just the thing we needed.  It covers the stuffy nose, cough, chest congestion and breaks up mucus in a favorable flavor of Very Berry.

I have to say that  Children’s Mucinex helped her cough and stuffy nose!

I was glad to see that Children’s Mucinex is alcohol free and if you rather use the  “mini melts” they do have that as well.

Complete drug facts, uses, warnings, dosing chart, and active ingredients please click here. As with all meds, I advise you to talk to your pediatrician or pharmacist first.

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I  received the following product and promotional products from Smiley 360 in exchange for writing an honest review.

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