8 Steps to Making Your Blog Successful

Blogging is one of the best low investment businesses to start. Within less then an hour, you’re up and running. It’s no wonder why the blogging industry is growing in leaps and bounds. You read about successful bloggers making blogging their full time income. They make it look so easy, but do you make money on your blog? Are you frustrated that something that seems so easy has been so hard to accomplish?

Why Do Some Bloggers Succeed While Many Fail?

blog for money1.  Plan it. 

Every business needs a business plan.

Even blogging.

Plan your business goals and everything you would just as any other business you would start. Then, make sure you follow that plan. Your plan may change along the way a bit, but don’t steer away from it and refer back to it monthly.

 2. Take it slow.

Don’t try to be a hot shot blogger right off the bat. Many profitable bloggers didn’t start to see substantial income for months to years.

3. It takes money to make money. 

Once again, if you want blogging to be a business, then invest in it. Invest in a professional web designer, reliable hosting if choosing WordPress, and advertising. When I first started out, I didn’t have companies offering to giveaway their products on my blog, so  I would give away a product that I bought myself.  I still do this occasionally it because it’s fun!


The 4-Week Online Class: Profitable Blogging for Beginners

4. Be social.

You can have the best content on your blog, but if you aren’t social, you are missing out on lots of traffic. Building a community around your blog builds loyal readers, which can turn into income opportunities.

5. Find the right audience for your niche.

Finding the right niche that’s profitable will help with your success. Finding the right audience to write for is even more important. Don’t comment on craft blogs if you are writing a wedding blog.

6. Passion.

 No business will survive without this. Enough said.

7. Do something new. 

 With all the blogs out there, you need to find a way to stand out. This is a very hard part of blogging. I’ve been there and all I can say is think outside the box.

 8. Don’t give up.

I have been guilty of this one big time in the past. I would start a business and work hard for a month or two, then get disappointed and quit. When I look back, I wonder how successful those businesses would have been if I had only hung in there. Now, if I start something, I work hard and stick with it. It takes time and some mistakes before you can get your blog to where it needs to be. If you are serious about building your blog, you may not see success for even a year or two.

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