Making Money Monday- Getting more readers

You just finished the best post ever. You smile and click the publish button. This will be the post that will bring in hundreds of readers, you say to yourself. You sit back and wait.


Writing excellent blog posts won’t be enough to get you more readers.


blogging1 150x1501If you’ve been creating great content and after months of writing and you still don’t have the readership you want, the most likely reason is your blog posts are not properly optimized for the  search engines.

Blogging isn’t just about writing great posts. You need to learn how to optimize  your blog posts.

If you’re blogging for readership, money, or both, knowing Search Engine Optimism (SEO) is definitely going to be a huge help.

Are you scratching your head? Stop. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

Here are few simple and effective ways to optimize your blog posts:

Start With The Title

Headlines make the post. Don’t make them boring, or have nothing to do with the topic of the post. Being creative can lure in readers. If it’s bad, no one will care to find out about the body of the post.

The Key is Keywords

Find keywords to use on your blog. This is important in optimizing your  content. Sprinkle keywords throughout your post. You can use Google’s Keyword Tool to research relevant keywords for free.

Don’t overdo it though. Google get’s it’s feathers ruffled if you look like you are keyword stuffing. The rule usually is, it has to appear at least 3  times in the body: beginning, somewhere in the middle, and at the concluding  paragraph.

Make Your Post Count

Make sure you have useful info and Google will boost your placement in search engines.

Also, when people are interested in your blog, they’re going to share it, helping boost blog traffic.

Interlink your posts

Google likes blogs that have internal links.

Add a link  to a certain post or page on your blog. This  helps boost ranking for a particular post and gives your readers more options. Showing them relevant posts will keep them on your blog longer and even help improve bounce rates.

Keep Using Images

We all know how images help attract readers to a blog post, but did you know images can help optimize as well? Photos  help break long texts and adding alt tags and keywords for images can improve your blog’s SEO.

Tag, You’re It

Don’t forget the importance of tags. Use group keywords and single relevant words to be picked up in search engines.

Don’t get caught up in SEO so much that you forget to keep your content up to the same quality you started with!

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