Chocolate Covered Strawberry-Cake Balls

I love to make anything that involves chocolate. I also love cake. Sometimes when you put them together, you get…cake balls.

Bakerella started them. Now, you can find cake balls everywhere. I make them when I do a bridal show. It brings people to my table and I think they talk about them more then they do my photos!

For anyone that lives under a rock, cake balls are simply cake and frosting (or cream cheese) mixed together and formed into little balls and then covered in a coating. They are easy peasy to make and a fun recipe to try with the kids

This time, I’m trying a great combination; chocolate and strawberry. What a perfect theme for Valentine’s Day!

I meant to try mine with a chocolate ganache covering, but I forgot to pick up heavy cream and today the roads are ice covered. So, I’m stuck with just chocolate chips melted.

I love the smell of cake baking on a cold afternoon. It just makes me all warm inside.


I had to use my round cake pans since I accidentally gave my big baking pan to my oldest. Note to self: Always check older children’s pockets before they go home.

After the cake cooled, I used my handy dandy food processor  to chop up the cake before mixing it with the frosting. All I had was cream cheese flavored frosting which sounded like a great addition the the chocolate and strawberry flavors.



These little babies needed time to hold their shape before dipping them, so I put them in the freezer to save time.


Thirty minutes later, I quickly took them out and prepared them for the best ingredient…


Thankfully, the hubby got me a warmer for last birthday so I can melt candies easier. I melted the chocolate and got the cake balls ready to dip.

When the last ball was dipped, I let them set and barely got these photos before the kid dug in!





You can either use a cake mix or try this recipe  if you are feeling all Betty Crocker.

Chocolate chips


Cream cheese frosting:


1/2 cup butter

6 ounces cream cheese, softened

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

2 cups confectioners’ sugar

Heat butter in a microwave-safe dish in microwave on high for 7 seconds. Transfer butter to a bowl and beat with cream cheese and vanilla extract with an electric mixer until mixture is nearly fluffy, about 5 minutes. Gradually stir confectioners’ sugar into cream cheese mixture to make a smooth frosting.



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