Making Money Monday Guest Post: Hit the Mic Marketing

blogging1Hi everyone, thanks to Tess for letting me stop by and talk to you. I am Stacey Harris, I am the Head Rock Star at Hit the Mic Marketing. My team and I help rock star entrepreneurs amplify their business with online marketing.  We help our clients with social media marketing, email marketing, and also offer WordPress design and maintenance. That’s not all I do though, I’m also a mom to my adorable 4 year old son Colin.

In all honesty Colin is the reason Hit the Mic Marketing exists  Right after marrying my husband we found out I was pregnant with Colin. I had been working in a variety of temp jobs after being laid off and decided to go ahead and stop searching for something full time since I’d already decided I wanted to stay home with Colin after he was born.

After Colin was born I really enjoyed being home with him and immensely enjoyed those first 2 years. Shortly after he turned 2 though I started really missing the part of myself that had existed when I had worked. The truth was though I had nothing I really wanted to go back to. I had worked in a variety of industries and jobs and nothing had sparked a passion in me. I also did not look forward to being away from Colin for 10+ hours a day and since my husband works a unique schedule (second shift) I would be sacrificing a lot of time with him as well.

I decided to look at opportunities that would allow me to stay home. From there I started freelancing as an admin, doing research and data entry mostly. After doing that a while I decided to launch my business which actually started as a general admin virtual assistant service. I found some a lot of success in that but mostly I found a real passion for entrepreneurship  I loved running my business and marketing it, and networking with other business owners. I’d never had the pride I had in that in any previous professional experience.  As my experience evolved so has my business and I re-branded in November 2012 to the current model. Through the whole thing my biggest priority has been balance.

I launched my business to have more time with my family not less.  Before I even started we sat down as a family to figure out how everything would work. I have business hours Monday to Friday and I don’t work weekends. We also have a mid day break for lunch with the family since my husband works in the evenings. Setting those guidelines has really made our day to day balance easier. There was never anything to figure out, even when I had only a few clients I dedicated my time to my business as if it was full. Which has also made growing easier because I laid that foundation. It’s also easier for my son to know when I’m working and when I’m not because it is as much a part of his routine as it is anyone else’s.

My favorite part of being able to own my business and work from my home office is that I can step away when needed. Yes we have our rules set, but we can adjust them when circumstances change. If Colin is sick I tend to not work very much, if he has something he wants or needs to do I figure out a way to adjust my schedule for the week so it works for us.  For example we are big Phoenix Coyotes fans and after the lock out ended they had open training camps during the week.  Colin of course was really excited so I took the afternoon off on a Thursday and we headed to the arena and watched the team practice. Colin loved it, he got a puck from his favorite player and enjoyed the time with the family.  If I had been in a traditional office this would have been nearly impossible.

The key to balance for me really is finding that happy medium between routine and flexibility. And a healthy dose of  help from my calendar, my whole life is in that thing. I’ll be honest, sometimes it all feels like there are 24 hours in a day and I have 48 hours worth of things to do and I just stop, sit back and look at my priorities. What needs to happen right now, what can wait, and what do I really want to be doing?

I’d love to hear your suggestions for balance, do you live by your calendar like me?


Stacey Harris is owner of Hit the Mic Marketing. After launching a successful general virtual assistant business in 2011 she found her true passion was helping rock star entrepreneurs share their message with a big audience.  Stacey loves working with high energy passionate business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level by really solidifying their online presence.  She has a huge passion for music, social media, and entrepreneurship.

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