Oh My Stomach

Have you been bitten by the flu bug yet? I think we have. Even if you got a shot, this virus doesn’t care. Maybe it’s actually a stomach virus, but whatever it is, it’s kicking butt.  My little Emily is out sick today too. At least the kids have Monday off to get better. Good thing I stocked up on supplies. I swear by my Airborne to keep viruses away, or help fight them if they get us.

I figure this down time will give me a chance to catch up on favorite blogs and surf around for some good WordPress widgets. I know, just be sick already!  I can’t just lay around-it drives me crazy!!

With my blog back up and running, I can get back to regular scheduling, picking up Making Money Monday and bringing back Words With a Blogger Wednesday. If you would like to be featured, please let me know in comments, or email me. It’s a free service and gives great exposure for your blog!

I hope you have lots of great plans this weekend-I’m just hoping to have the family get better!




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