Like a first date

I haven’t been out on a girl’s night for as long as I can remember. After I got married and had another baby, the years just flew by. The promises of getting together with old pals became more and more empty. The new business (photography) took up more and more of my free time, and when I did have it, I felt obligated to spend it with the hubby and kids.

My old friends moved on without me. I was ok with it most of the time, but I did miss good old girl talk and being crazy together, letting off steam that only a night out with the girls could.

Sure, I have online friends, but it’s just not the same hanging together online and it looks funny clicking a Bud Light with the computer monitor. So, I decided to drop everything and plan a girl’s night out and not feel guilty about it.

I invited a lady that I’ve befriended at my daughter’s school and we are planning on painting the town with my oldest daughter and her friends. I’m actually very nervous. It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten how to be just a girl. To hang out with other females and have fun.

I’ve tried on ten outfits, bought new make up and made sure I have a purse full of breath mints. Will I know how to act? Do I let them know that I’m a light weight, and two Pina Calida’s later, I’m dancing on the table?

Yep. It feels like a first date. I’m hoping to get lucky.

Wait-you didn’t think I meant THAT did you?

I hope I can remember how to have fun again. Not as a mom. Not as a wife. Just as a girl hanging out with other girls on a girl’s night out.

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