Do you have a shoulder?

As May approached, I knew that I would be super busy. I have the more weddings this year then I ever had. I knew this meant weekends booked with weddings or engagements, and weeks filled with editing and writing. Its only half way through May and I’m already wanting to pull my hair out…

The thing is, I’m feeling that mom guilt. I can handle staying up late and being busy, but I can’t handle how it effects the kids. I don’t like having to say, “Dad will have to take you” or, “Can we play tomorrow?”


I applaud those moms that figured out how to balance it all. Sometimes I do, sometimes, I don’t. Does that make me awful?

I do plan on taking a vacation at the end of June after the bulk of my first batch of weddings will be done. Will it make up for all the lost time? Maybe not, but I do have a goal for all this hard work and missed time from my children. This goal will eventually allow me to spend more time with them when I . When I get sad, that’s what I think about and it keeps me going.

So, kudos to all you hard working moms-please don’t feel guilty for providing for your family. I know how you feel and I’m there for you!

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