The best Mother’s Day ever

This has been a great weekend.

Now, before I go into detail, if you are not a long time reader, then you do not know about my kids. I love the little boogers , but I have to say, they are very selfish children. Is it my fault? I don’t want to take the blame, but I might have spoiled them just a bit too much over the years.
So, it started when my son (age 16) said he wanted to make me a dessert for Mother’s Day. He went to the store and bought the ingredients (spent his own money!) and started working on it Friday night. He spent two hours mixing and baking. He even cleaned up his mess.
Now, if you knew my son, you would have fallen over. He does not part with his money. He does not clean. Heck, he doesn’t even acknowledge our existence unless he’s hungry, or needs his clothes washed. Yes. He’s a teenager.
I was so happy that he did that for me-I’m still smiling.

Next, my youngest stepped up. Ok, to let you know a little bit about her personality, I’ll tell you this…
It doesn’t matter whose birthday it is, she expects to get something too. Every weekend should be a shopping weekend for her. She finds it very hard to give the attention to someone other than her.
I blame her dad.
Anyway, she went out with her dad to go Mother’s Day shopping. I was very anxious to find out how big of a fit she threw to have to get me something instead of herself. When they got home, the hubby said everything went well-she didn’t throw a fit at all.
“Hmm,” I said to myself. “This should be interesting…”

So, when I opened my gifts this morning, I was shocked. She got me a movie I had wanted, a tart for my scent warmer, and a Square Card Reader for my iPhone. I had to ask if she got any help. Hubby said nope, she had remembered me saying I wanted those things.
I think a tear actually formed in the corner of my eye.

There might be hope for my kids after all.

The hubby did take me aside later and told me that he did have to buy her a Monster High outfit that day.
Okay. It’s a baby step.

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