A changing world

Last week, while walking back to my car with a load of groceries, I was approached by a woman. She told me that she just got an apartment behind the grocery store and a new job, but didn’t have any money yet to buy food. She asked if she could have some money. I told her that I don’t carry cash on me and I quickly walked to my car. I felt bad, but my mama told me to not talk to strangers, and usually it’s a scam to grab your wallet while you are getting them change.

Yesterday, while IN the same grocery store, I was approached by a man who GAVE ME THE SAME EXACT STORY. Ok, what’s the odds of this happening twice? I told him that someone approached me last week with the same story and he quickly left. I found a manager and told him the story and he apologized and told me to tell someone next time and they will kick them out. I thanked him and told him that I just wanted to make them aware that this scam was going on there (it’s a nice store in a fairly nice area).

While feeling bad the first time, I’m glad I listened to instincts (and mom) and not trust the person. It actually makes me sad to think that people have to resort to doing such things and I hope that we don’t have to start worrying about being approached, or robbed going to a trusted neighborhood just to get groceries. I don’t live in a big crazy city like Chicago to avoid such encounters.

Am I making a point here? Not really. I just wish that instead of holding out their hand (and scamming), people would find their self worth and make something of themselves!

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