Feeling the love

Giving Emily’s friend a ride home…

Emily: “Watch out-my mom likes to sing in the car.”

Me: “Hey, you act like that’s a bad thing!”

Emily (ignoring me): “Haley, just put your hands over your ears. That works for me.”

Me: Grrrrr…


When Jordon wants money…

Jo: “Love you, Mom!”

Me: “How much do you need?”

Jo: “Twenty.”

When Jordon DOESN’T need something…

Me: “Love you, Jo.”

Jo: (silence)

Me: “I see how it is….”


Phone rings….

Me: “Hello?”

Jess: “Mom, can I borrow $20?”

Me: “Borrow? Do you mean HAVE $20?”

Jess: “Ok, can I HAVE $20?”

Me: “I guess.”

Jess: “Love ya!”

Me: “Until I run out of money…”

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