A monster

Has there ever been a person in your life that you hated so much, that you wished they would just spontaneously combust? I have such a person. Zach’s father. If you are new to this blog, or you have forgotten about all the trouble I’ve had with this kid in the past, he is my grandbaby’s pathetic excuse for a father-let alone human being.

He and my daughter were one of those on again, off again relationship people. Pretty much when he didn’t have a job, they were on, and when he got the urge to cheat, they were off. I’m not sure what brain malfunction my daughter had to think she deserves such a jerk, but we all have our demons I guess.

Five months after her daughter was born, he went back to work, so he didn’t need my daughter anymore and found some girl that was in the Army. Obviously, they let idiots in the Army. My daughter let him see the kids to be nice, but as you could guess, things started to go sour with the visitations. He started saying that my daughter didn’t know how to take care of her kids and at the same time, he kept changing and giving up his visits for this new girl and her little girl. I think he was trying to show off by putting this other child above his.

I kept telling her that I didn’t feel comfortable with her sending the baby over with this piece of shit and that one day, she probably would end up getting hurt. For what ever reason, she still sent them over and it made me cringe every time.

So, the fighting between the two of them was ongoing, with him putting his new “family” over his own kids by telling my daughter to “get her fucking kids” every time they didn’t come over perfect. He also never would buy diapers or food when they came over. My daughter had to supply everything for them and then he would complain about her. He also put them to bed at 7 just so he wouldn’t have to deal with them.

Now, what I am going to tell you next may shock you, or you might think that it was okay. I personally can’t believe that anyone would side with what he did, but you would be surprised at people’s opinions-especially a cop.

The last time that he picked the kids up, he had called her 15 mins later and told her they had lice. She said no they didn’t, and he said that they were crawling all over Zach’s head. She proceeded to tell him that there was nothing on his head when she sent him. He then told her that him and his girlfriend SHAVED THEIR HEADS. A little girl’s hair that took 6 months to grow-and who didn’t even have anything?????

He tried telling her that he tried everything else first. Really? You had them for 15 mins and you tried everything else? My daughter could not believe what she just heard. She thought he was joking. He said for her to come “get her fucking kids” and that she owed his piece of shit girlfriend for treatment of their trailer. Really? My daughter was so mad, she jumped in her car and went to get them.

She called the cops to press charges on the girl but the cop said that he didnt see anything wrong with what they did. I really hate cops. She now has a lawyer to protect those kids and it sounds like it’s going to be a messy ride.

For now the kids are safe. I feel like crying every time I see them-they look like they have some kind of sickness.

What would you think it someone lied about your babies having bugs and shaved their heads-especially if one was a girl?

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