Not the fun mom.

Summer is approaching fast-even though Mother Nature seems to be bi-polar these days and can’t decide what season she wants it to be. This was my youngest daughter’s first year of school and I can’t believe we survived. We went through ups and downs, first play dates at her new friend’s houses, story telling, and who knows what else since school is not out yet.

I have to wonder what her summer will be like being at home and stuck with us. She says she’s excited to get to stay home, but I think she will be bored. I love when my kids are home for summer, but I don’t look forward to those dirty looks from her when, after the first two days of freedom wear off and she suddenly has nothing to do.

I will then have to become her playmate, even though I don’t have the summer off. In fact, it’s my busiest time of the year. So, I will have to disappoint her and be the bad guy as usual.

This reminds me of the other day, when I picked her up after school and as we were walking to the car, she turns to me and asks, “Mom, what do fun moms do with their kids?”


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