Another thought about promoting my business

I talked awhile back about wishing that I had promotional pens when I did the bridal show. I didn’t think about it again until I had a wedding couple over the other night. We were signing contracts and I handed them the only pen I could find, which ended up having pink ink-Argh!

If I had a personalized pen handy, it would have looked better for me and I would just let them keep it if they wanted or accidentally walked off with it. It’s so important how you come across to your clients and how organized you are leaves a lasting impression.

I think that if I had matching envelopes to put the contracts in, like using Amsterdam Printing envelopes I would look more professional. Then, I could just throw them all in the vendor bag that I give them.

Sometimes, I think promotion can be a fun part of a business and the client loves to get free things as well!

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