Do You Give Good Comment?

Comments are a big part of blogging. Some bloggers may determine the worth of their blog by how many comments they receive daily. Some are even obsessed by it, visiting other blogs just to see how many comments they get and getting jealous when they see that a certain blogger gets twice as many comments as they do on their blog. What is so important about comments? Should we as bloggers, be so concerned with them?

Sure, it’s great to get comments, but comments can play a different role in determining the popularity of your blog. According to the Blog Herald, there are 70 million blogs out in Internet land. With so many blogs, the only way to to be found may be by commenting. And commenting. And commenting. Bloggers have a lot of blogs to choose from these days, so many tend to visit bloggers that visit them-basically, because they don’t have time to go searching.

Is this fair? Not really. Especially when some bloggers don’t necessarily have a great blog, but get tons of comments. It can make one wonder if comments on blogs are sincere ones, or are they just being nice because the blogger visited their blog?

Returning a comment is good blogging manners. Visiting a blogger’s blog that left you a comment is a common courtesy. You should always leave them a “thanks for visiting” comment, but there needs to be a line drawn between when we comment back, and when we don’t.

So, do you give great comment? What’s great comment? Great comment should be one that was left on a blog that you truly like, not JUST to get a comment back. Leaving a comment on a blog that you would enjoy coming back time after time, makes you a sincere commenter, unlike a fake commenter, who is just looking to get comments back. This way, you can build your reader base honestly, and you can feel good about returning the favor when they leave you a comment.

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