Online Learning for the iGeneration

With today’s problems in middle schools and high schools, like bullying, shootings and the fear of your child not getting the proper education they need, more and more parents are choosing online learning for their child.

Finding an online school that offers the proper credits that your state requires may confuse some parents. Online School Solutions could be your answer. Online School Solutions offers available online school programs for your area.

What about parents that aren’t sure if online learning is the right thing to do?

Some facts about students that learn online:

Online students have more interest in attending a four year college after graduation than students in traditional schooling. 78% vs. 67%.

54% of online students get more challenges when they are doing well in school vs. 49% of students in traditional schooling.

58% of online students get more help when they fall behind vs. 40% of students in traditional schooling.

A success story:

Military Family.

Karl, a child of a military family, moved numerous times throughout his high school years, but wanted a consistent education experience. With online learning, Karl had the chance to excel at his studies and even graduated early with a 4.0 grade average. Karl embraced the independence and self-mastery that online learning fostered.

Deciding if online learning is the right choice for your child is a personal decision, but the rewards are outstanding!

This my honest review of I received a $20 Target gift card for my review.

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