Friday Photography-Focusing.

This week’s Friday Photography, we are going to discuss focusing your subject. Many beginning photographers with autofocus cameras tend to have the nose or chin in focus, forgetting to place their focusing spot on the subject’s eyes when shooting. This is a prominent problem with photographers who tend to rely on the camera, which by default focus at the center of the image.

The proper way to focus, is to find your subject’s eyes in the frame first, slightly depress the shutter-release button, holding the focus, compose the subject in your frame, then further push the shutter-release button to take the photo. This technique may slow you down a bit at first, but once you develop a feel for it, you’ll find it will ensure your subject’s eyes are always in focus.

To add to focusing, you need to think about space around your subject. In the article, rel=”nofollow”Photography Positioning of the Subject of Your Photo , it states that positioning the camera horizontally creates a sense of space in the photograph, while positioning the camera vertically provides a sense of focus on an object.

If you learn to focus on the eyes and compose the image, your subject’s eyes will be sharp and people will think that your photos were taken by a professional!

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