Surviving Christmas

I’m back.
Are you?
Did you have a great Christmas?
I did.
Santa was very good to me.
In fact, I’m typing on my new laptop he gave me right now. He also got me a bunch of other things too.
I think he’s kinda cute too. He looks alot like my hubby and I’m allowed to kiss him too.
We survived Christmas and even Mother Nature gave us a nice present. She didn’t bring us our big snow storm until Christmas evening, after all our visits were done and we were tucked away in our home.
We awoke to this.

And this.

I guess some people like a white Christmas.

I do when I don’t have to drive in it.

I promise that I won’t post anymore snow photos-at least for awhile.

Now that all the presents are opened, I can relax. Emily got that Nintendo DS she wanted and Jordon got a crap load of video games. Jessica’s favorite present was the thingy-job that allows her to get digital TV and Zach was just happy to be able to rip things open.

I had the hubby fooled big time this Christmas. I had him thinking that his present wasn’t coming until Christmas morning. He was all worried. He was all freaking out. He just KNEW that nobody delivers on Christmas day and he wasn’t getting anything. Poor thing. Little did he know, I had his new four thousand feet long keyboard hidden in my son’s closet.

I’m so bad, I’m good.

But, what have I done?

Now, I get to hear a husband try to learn how to play a keyboard all the time. I think that he’ll be getting a nice pair of headphones for his birthday.

Now, I’m going to go put my new vacuum together that the hubby also got me.

Good thing he got me the laptop too or he’d be playing that keyboard in the garage.

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