How many days til Christmas?

Is it Christmas yet?

Please say it’s so. I’m not trying to turn into the Grinch, but I’m ready for Christmas to be here because…

I’m ready to take down the tree that’s been up since Thanksgiving.

I’m ready to get my living room back and be able to use the dvd player without moving twenty presents to get to it.

I’m done using “Santa won’t bring you any presents if…”

I’m tired of emptying the bank account by buying present after present.

I’m ready to find out what that special present that the hubby got me and hope it’s not a new frying pan.

I’m done eating Christmas cookies and watching as my tummy starts to hang over my jeans.

I’m ready to have a day off.

I’m done watching every Christmas movie possible-ok, that one’s my fault.

And finally, I’m ready for Christmas to be over so I can have some much needed champagne on New Year’s Eve!

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