Getting ready for Turkey Day

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I’ve been running around, trying to get things together. I have most of my supplies for the big dinner, but I still need to get the table cloth, plates and utensils. I also have to do the heavy duty cleaning yet, so I may give the illusion that I have a perfect house.
It’s been hard to fit the holidays in this year with all the projects I’ve given myself. I’ve had to let a project go, due to technical difficulties-meaning, I ran into some snags along the way. That project would be the magazine. It was a hard decision to make and I might be able to start it back up next year. I’m sad about it, but it may be for the best.
We went shopping on Saturday because I like to torture myself like that. I had some major coupon savings and they were all going to expire after Saturday. So, we rushed around to buy for the relatives that you just don’t know what to get. Boy, was that fun. I did happen to finish shopping for one of the kids and that’s such an accomplishment in it’s self. I did the “high-five” with the kids and they just walked away, mumbling something about not knowing me or something like that.
Then, I spent Sunday wrapping presents and seeing what I still needed to get. Of course, Emily who is always with me, seemed to accumulated the most presents so far. I figured that she’d be so excited when she saw them sitting under the tree. I ran and got her and brought her over to the tree and went, ta-da!!
She looked at the pile and said, “Cool.”
Cool? That’s all I get? I was like, don’t you see all the presents? She was like, that’s neat. Can I go play again?
I tell ya. Youth is wasted on the young…

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