Happy Birthday Emily

Dear Emily,
Five years ago, today, I was given a wonderful gift-you.

I can’t believe that you are five now-how time has flown by! You have grown so much and are more beautiful each day. I can remember back when you were a baby and we wondered if your hair was ever going to grow-now, I curse it every day, when we have a ton of tangles to deal with when you wake up in the morning!

You keep me on my toes and I’m always amazed at what comes out of your mouth. You are a very beautiful, head strong and bossy little girl that everyone loves. We get stopped all the time by strangers who tell us how pretty you are. You’ve heard it so much, that it doesn’t even phase you (I feel so sorry for the boys when you get older.)
This year was another adventurous one with you being a finalist in Hallmark’s Mother’s Day Card Contest. Boy, if that didn’t make your head swell. You were treated like a celebrity in our city. You were on tv, in the paper and on the radio. Of course, everyone thought you were so sweet.

We got second place, which wasn’t bad and we had fun. Now, your card is going to be a birthday card too, which is really cool!

Now with you turning five, you get to go to school next fall. This is a task that you aren’t sure about yet, nor are you sure about not calling for mommy in the middle of the night because you are scared of the dark.
So, once again, we got to throw a dozen parties since you are so special and you made me have to bake-something I really don’t do well, but the cupcakes must not of been too bad, because everyone ate them.

I hope you have a great birthday and make sure you are nice to grandma, since it’s her birthday too!
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