Stuffed Turkey Dog

Do you remember these two gals?

They were supposed to leave the nest with their mama when she got her own place. We came so close. She had an apartment that she was going to rent that allowed dogs. Then, she didn’t. Then she did. Then, she didn’t. I was getting dizzy sending them out the door and bringing them back in.

Well, turns out that the one she ended up having to get doesn’t even allow gold fish, let alone dogs-seriously. I would NOT nominate that landlord for pet lover of the year.

So, here we go again. The “kids” are back and apparently staying for awhile. It was either that, or her putting an ad in the paper and the rest of the family hating me forever.

Why are moms put in such positions?

I’ve decided that I’m ok with it on one condition; Bella gets a professional bath and we hang an air freshener around her neck. I did find out that Petco is having a special orange-cranberry spa with a free “fall” charm for their collar. Do I want my dog to smell like a Thanksgiving dish?

Hmm-this might work.

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