Stopping and smelling the roses

After lightening my work load a bit, I decided that I would take a day off and do absolutely nothing but relax. I napped, I spent time with the kids, read my favorite blogs, ACTUALLY WATCHED TV, and did a little writing-because I enjoy that. I did do one act of working, I cleaned my daughter’s room. This I had to do, because it was really starting to look like a junk yard and every time I walked by it, I cringed and if I needed to go in it, I feared of breaking a limb. I guess you can say I enjoyed it because I make her help me and we spend time together and afterwards, she’s so excited because SHE CAN ACTUALLY WALK IN IT AND PLAY. This benefits me too because then she’s gone for hours playing with toys that she had forgotten about under the mounds of clothes and other toys thus, allowing me to have time to myself. Time To Myself- I like the sound of that.

Today, I’m going to get back to a more regular routine with getting that #$%& book completed. The hubby promised pizza and a dvd tonight-it’s even a chick flick-so I’m excited about that. I know. I know- how pitiful. I remember the days of anticipation of going on a hot date to a fancy restaurant and tickets to some fancy play. Now, I get all tingly over a slice of take out pizza. Oh, how things have changed.

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