The check is in the mail

I finally received my official finalist papers that included a hard copy of my Hallmark card , an autographed letter from all the judges (some famous!) and a check for the prize money. YAAAY!

I’ve been going over in my head what to do with the money (which isn’t much and the Grand Prize would be WAY more-so vote for me and I’ll be sure to buy the kids something from that “wink”). I’ve been known to feel guilty occasionally and not spend any money on myself and instead, let the hubby and kids get stuff. I’ve decided that this time I’m going to get something for me this time. Yep. I’m definitely blowing it on stuff that I want but wouldn’t normally get because of the mommy guilt. I’m going to bring out my wish list and come up with a combination that stays within the prize amount. I really want to buy a new rug for our living room because my little pup has really ruined it by getting mad at us when we are gone and leaving us “paybacks” on it and well, the smell really never goes away in my opinion. We finally got her a kennel to put her in when everyone is gone, so hopefully the new rug would be safe. Unless, of course, the hubby forgets to put her away and then I would have to buy a kennel to put him in as well while I’m gone. Some other wish items would be new couch pillows and throws, redecorate the bathroom or a new comforter for our bedroom.

A lot to choose from and it will be hard to resist the urge to feel guilty when the kids look at me with their sad eyes and point to the ads for a new game or barbie. I will have to stand my ground that mommies are people too and they need some fun too.

One person that I did promise something from my prize money was my mom and that was to take her out to dinner for sending me the link to the contest in the first place.

So, see? I AM sharing.

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