End the madness already

I have to start by saying that I am absolutely scared to death to have this election be over, but at the same time, I will be glad.
I made a point not to blog about it or preach to anyone about my views, but after reading Dooce’s blog on Friday- which has been my favorite blog ever- I have to get something off my back.
Have I decided who I will vote for? That has not been the question on my mind, but rather should I vote at all because I don’t want to be responsible for helping get the wrong guy in office.

Two sides of the coin:

I read about how people have been drawn to Obama by his charisma and his promises to change the world. Ok, maybe this guy is a good guy. Maybe not. Should he be trusted? I don’t know. People are scared about the economy and seem to be so desperate for a miracle, they are turning to him. How much experience does he carry? How much do we know about him? Sure, Dooce has made it absolutely clear and even lost some readers over her choice. Personally, I think her need for a good fight amongst her readers went a little to far with her last post. I still love her blog and probably will still read it, but I just have been disappointed with her on trying to make anyone who doesn’t agree with her view on Obama feel like an idiot.
Now, on with McCain. Is this guy one who should be in office? If you asked a certain relative of mine, Hell no! would be his answer. The simple fact that he (McCain) is a republican and since Bush messed up everything, people associate him with the guy in office now and feel doom will follow. He is older and has had his health issues. I guess he has a temper and has a woman for VP. Maybe he’s a good guy-it’s too bad he wasn’t on the Democrat side so he could be given a chance from those that vote strictly by party.
Democrats want to tax us. Republicans want to go to the old loan system.
Well, I don’t want to pay more taxes and I want a bigger house next year but wouldn’t qualify if only the perfect people got loans. Democrats want to this and Republicans want to do that. Who even knows if they will even do ANYTHING they promise? Have past presidents?
What to do, then?
This has been the most important election ever in my opinion and has compelled me to help this nation by casting my little, but very important vote.
Now, the only point that I would like to make to my readers is:
You are entitled to your opinion and view and I will not hate you or tell you “if you have a vagina, you should vote for this guy” etc. etc.
Just do your research to the max and be ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE of your choice before voting. Our nation and (I do believe) our lives depend on it!
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