She found her calling

Yesterday was Emily’s first dance class and as I had mentioned, she was not looking forward to it. She envisioned torture tools and the removing of body parts, even after we went to the store and picked out a pink Hannah Montana leotard with matching pink tights and ballet shoes. Surely, nobody would torture someone wearing THAT outfit, right?

Daddy volunteered (ok, he was told) to take her because I’m a chicken shit and sometimes that’s what dads are for. That hour was the longest hour in the world for me. I could just see him trying to pry her fingers off the side of the car door and drag her into the class kicking and screaming about how bad parents we are and how she will be in therapy for most of her adult life because of us.
After they finally got back, apparently all was forgiven as she ran into the house, talking at the speed of light about how fun class was and could she PLEEEESE go back tomorrow?

I was so happy that this turned out to be a good idea, but I’m sure I’ll have to remind myself of this when she starts asking every morning if TODAY is dance class day.


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I promised to pass along the award I received from Angela over at Unexpected Art -thanks again! I also am doing her 31 Days of Make Believe Challenge. Please vote for mine!

Mine goes up on Oct. 3rd. (dont worry, Ill remind you)

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