I always say that my daughter Emily, is 3 going on 19. I fear that I’ve been cheated out of the toddler years with her because she acts so much older then her age. While other little princesses would love to watch Cinderella or the Aristocats, she would rather watch CSI-not that I let her. But, I’d be lying if I told you she’s never watched any movies that she probably shouldn’t be watching.
Unfortunately, she’s inherited my love of watching scary movies. Not those gory, bloody, yucky ones, but the good old fashion ghost ones.
We are both excited about October coming, because that means Halloween and Halloween means scary shows.
While flipping through the On Demand screen on the tv, I mistakenly clicked on a scary movie preview, forgetting that Emily was sitting next to me- I won’t say which one because I don’t need anyone writing to say that’s a damn scary movie-bad mom! As soon as it started to play the preview, I could feel the burning of my child’s wide eyes staring at me and I already knew what would happen next.
“I want to watch that!”
“You’ll have bad dreams.”
“No I won’t. Pleeease?”
“Do you promise to put the pillow over your eyes for the scary parts?”
“Ok. Just this one time.”
(Yeah, right.)
So, we watch the movie. Of course you know what happened next. I get in trouble for letting her watch it. Now, she spooks herself over every shadow and she doesn’t leave my side when it starts to get dark out.
Today, Dad gets to take her to the dentist to fix another one of her teeth. She fears the dentist now more then the Boogey man, so I think I’m off the hook for awhile.
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