First day of school, but I still love you

I just got out of a much needed shower after a hectic day.
Today was the first day of school for my son, so of course first thing in the morning, my daughter tells me that she thinks that her water broke when she was in the shower. Life just wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t turning upside down and a turning a few circles once in awhile-don’t you agree?
I first made a mental note to talk to God tonight about how to listen to prayers better and not to confuse “DO NOT let her go in labor on the first day of school” with, “Hell ya! Let’s have Jess go at the least convenient time.” I then called the doc and she said to go to the hospital to make sure. We decided that I would get Jordon off to school and my husband would take Jess to the hospital. Thank God that his PMS was over because this was the second day that I had to wake him up early while on his vacation from work. (thanks for asking, Anonymous)
Did you think that getting Jordon off to school went well? Of course not. He apparently still has his “school stomach ache” which he gets every time school starts and then he accidentally dropped his new glasses which broke. God? Are you listening? What? You have to answer the prayers of poor starving children? Oh fine.
So, after popping his lens back in and convincing him that the stomach ache was in his head, his ride came and I got him out the door. One crisis fixed and I was off to take on the next.
I picked up my mom and when we got to the hospital, Jess was all hooked up to the monitoring machine and was awaiting the test results.
As I look over my past posts, I see that I’ve been teasing you with thinking this girl is going to have that baby. Well, I’m afraid that I STILL don’t have the good news of an arrival yet. At least this was the longest we stayed there (5 hours) and they did give us hope and said that she was in early labor stages, but just didn’t need to stay at the hospital yet. So, even though once again I tease you, I can at least say we are one step closer to having that baby.
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