And the slime slithered out from under a rock

Yesterday, I received my first hate mail.
At first, it kind of stung me. I really didn’t think I was to that status of being famous enough to attract scum that for some reason, have nothing better to do but stalk and write hate words. I have to thank this reader for making me realize that I’m finally a celebrity! Awesome! I will be sure to start getting some 8×10 glossys to have on hand for people to sign.
Oh, and your sentence about me thinking I’m so perfect made me laugh so much, I practically fell off the chair! Read my posts, Man. I’m far from perfect unlike you probably are. Are you sitting in your mom’s basement right now, reading this while picking your ugly nose?
I really would like to learn from you, for I’m sure you have more great words of wisdom. Oh wait, how can I when, even though you felt that you needed to open my eyes to what a liar I was, you didn’t have the balls to sign your name or give me anyway to contact you- PUSSY.
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