The land of the bad moms

If moms didn’t already going around feeling horrible and guilty all the time anyway, there’s always something or somebody to make you feel worse. I’m sure all moms have many secrets as to what goes on behind closed doors. Some even dare to blog it to the world (gee, who would be stupid enough to do that?) But, we do what works, even if everyone doesn’t agree. Heck, after reading about Dooce’s daughter’s episodes with only eating certain foods, I don’t feel as bad. Not really. I mean, I feel like pulling my hair out when my youngest refuses to drink anything in the morning but soda. Or, when my middle child spends most of his time on the computer and well, my oldest is ready to have a baby. Could I be any worse of a mother?
Apparently so. Last night, I was getting everything ready to go to my son’s school registration today(14th) when I happen to glance over the school papers we received in the mail a couple of weeks ago and stopped dead in my tracks. The words that were there all the time though apparently I missed, read this:
Registration: August 12th.
Now, I can be officially granted the highest honor in the land of bad moms. How could a mom miss her child’s school registration? Granted, it was a mix up of dates but nobody gives a mom a break. We are supposed to be perfect. Our children’s protector, etc., etc.
I felt so horrible that I couldn’t sleep very well. When I did sleep, I dreamt of being screamed at by the principal while pointing a gigantic finger at me saying, Bad, Bad Mom!
So, I headed off to the school this afternoon, wearing sunglasses and a wig- not really, because my son stated to me that they still will know who I was- duh, mom.
Well, all turned out ok and they didn’t threaten to take him away for my stupidity. Though, I heard whispering as I was leaving and I could of swore it sounded something like, What a bad mom…
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