Man’s best friend

Jesse and I have a good relationship. He is a good husband when he wants to be and I can’t complain-too much.

We don’t really have too many fights and being married forever, he KNOWS what makes me mad and for me vice-versa. Whether we choose to embark on this journey to make the other mad depends on the mood one might be in at the time.

I’m pretty simple; don’t complain about my cooking, (even though I can’t cook and everyone knows it) if I forget to clean or do the laundry (argh, the laundry) and don’t question me as a parent. If you choose to cross these lines, you better have some expensive jewelry wrapped up in a pretty little box in your hand.

I think my husband has been getting bored with the usual stuff that makes me mad and he’s been looking to expand his horizon that department. We have a couple of big screen TVs- I guess you would call them his and hers. I (meaning me and the kids) get the old one upstairs and he has the newer and nicer one downstairs-yet, he takes over the TV upstairs all the time. This is fine with me, really, but he’s started this annoying habit.

I have to start by saying that he and I have very different tastes in TV shows. I like to watch reruns of comedies like Reba, Seinfeld, Three and a half men, etc. which are mainly on our local stations. This drives him crazy because he feels that since cable and Satellite have granted us access to 4000 channels, we should take advantage of it and he’ll flip through them all. He will then find some show on the Biography channel (snore) or watch the country music channel. This is all fine with me when I’m not really watching anything except he does this one thing every time- he finds a channel to watch and THEN HE LEAVES THE ROOM.
Why?! What drives this man to do this? Is this a man thing? I have yet to figure this out and even though I’ve pointed this out to him several times, he insists that he doesn’t do it.
I’ve decided that the next time he comes walking in the living room and heads for the remote, I’m throwing myself on it like it’s a live grenade. If he tries for it still, I’m going to spit some curse on him and throwing the remote out the window. I’m sure he’ll just look at me all cockeyed and then go tell his fellow buddies that he’s married to a crazy woman.
Yeah, like I’m the crazy one…
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