You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone

Saturday, I woke up to find our Internet gone when I tried to go online to do some research on my book. I had planned to work on it for most of the day so I would have most of the book finished.
My first thought was, that maybe I didn’t pay the bill. I checked and that was fine. Then, I decided to call my Internet service number and got a busy signal. Ahh, must be a problem there because even though they are a major chain, they hide whenever they mess up something. I didn’t worry too much since they usually fix things in a matter of a couple of hours or so.

Well, then the morning passed and still no Internet. Now, I started to worry. That’s when I started to get the frantic calls from everyone else that has the same service, “Is your Internet out too??” “How can I live without the Internet?” “Don’t they know that I will die without the Internet?!”
You don’t realize that you rely on something so drastically until it’s gone. So, after I hung up the phone, I tried to remember what I used to do without the Internet. Hmm, that’s too long ago to try to remember so, I looked around. Wow, when did the house get a mess? Have the kids been fed yet?
Maybe I’ve relied on Mr. Internet a little too much. Ok, I can do this, I said to myself. I can go a day without the world wide web. But, what if I’m missing some important email? Okay, now stop. It’ll be ok, I reassured myself. (I talk to myself alot.)

I decided my goal would be to do a belated spring cleaning of the whole house. I decided I would start with the bedrooms and would work my way to the basement.
This wasn’t that hard of a task and I kind of enjoyed it! Bedroom one, two and three-done. Bathroom-done. Kitchen and living room-done. I was so proud of myself! Okay, now I was down to the laundry. I really hate laundry. I mean, I really, really, really hate laundry. Maybe I’ll just do a quick check on the computer. Damn, still no Internet. I looked over at the big pile of laundry. Maybe, I could take a break. Yeah, a break sounds good.
Well, my break turned into taking the kids out to eat and going shopping.
Did the laundry get done?
Nope. I’m still proud of myself for surviving the day away from my life source, the Internet.
As you can see, it came back. It took until the next morning, in fact, before it was working again.
I think though, that I will send a quick note to my Internet provider not to ever take my Internet away again unless they never want to see their first born again.

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