It’s soooo close now!

My daughter Jessica, came back from her doctor’s appointment today to tell me that she told her that she’s 1 cm dilated. Oh my gosh, was my reaction. This could happen anytime now. I really don’t know if I ever came out of my shock when I was first informed by my husband (she was too afraid to tell me herself) that she was pregnant. I mean, I’ve helped her get ready and I’ve bought all the cute clothes that you see when you go to the store. We’ve made most of the arrangements and I’ve even gone with her with her to the birth class. Every thing’s gone smoothly and (she) even survived the breakup with the father of the child. But, it’s just so strange because I feel like I’m doing all this while watching from a far. It’s sort of like it’s a dream and I’m going to wake up any minute and God’s going to say to me, “Ha! Gotcha! Now, go keep a better eye on your kid or this will happen!”
I think I really got the reality check today that this is going to happen when I heard the word, dilated. That baby is coming out of there whether I believe it or not.
This will be such a new experience- I’m going to be a grandma. I’m really going to be a grandma. I know some may say that I’m a selfish ass-that my daughter will be the one going through a tough time being a new mom-a young one at that! She should be shopping for dorm decor, not Winnie the Pooh decor and packing for college, not for her stay at the hospital!
That’s all true but come on people, this affects all of us and most of what I’m going through is about her. I feel bad for her, but deep down, I know she’ll be ok. I mean, I can still hope for the best, right?
The strange thing about all of this is all this baby this and baby that stuff has kind of made me miss having a baby of my own-Ok, somebody hit me over the head now, please?

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