Who needs the Olympics?

I love to clean Emily’s room because when it’s clean, she will play in there for hours. This allows mama to get stuff done that needs to be done. Between running to the hospital and everything else that made our week hectic, we haven’t had the chance to clean it. This morning, I made it my goal to get it back into shape before the weekend of watching football (husband’s request) and well, maybe a baby being born.
It took me an hour to find a place for all her stuff. This can be very hard to do, since she has every toy and room accessory possible in pink. And yes, I KNOW nothing matches, but you try to reason with a three year old who is the most head strong individual known to mankind.
So, I left her in her clean room that she could now walk through and went merrily on my way.
After about a half an hour later, she comes out and tells me that she wants to watch tv. I asked why didn’t she just watch it in her room? She replies, “Because I can’t get to it.”
This is what I found next:
Here we go again…

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