And the heavens opened up…

What a glorious way to start the weekend!

Finally, finally, FINALLY…my daughter broke up with her piece of shit boyfriend!!!

It actually happened a couple of days ago, but I wanted to make sure before I got my hopes up that it was official and now it is officially official.

What triggered this most joyous event? Well, that egotistical pompous ass thought it was ok to hang out with her best friend for a couple of days straight and barely contact my daughter during those days and I think that was finally the straw to break the camel’s back for her and she told him it was over. He still thinks he did nothing wrong. Oh, and as for the girlfriend? She probably wouldn’t even blink an eye if the girl was found tied up in the desert and vultures were eating her eyes out.

I’ve never seen her more happy (after going through the first day of crying, of course- after all, she was betrayed). She has her old friends back now- since he pretty much drove all of them away when they were together. She even is talking to a boy that was a friend of hers. So, all is well again except that he is now trying to cause trouble with the baby. Something I already saw coming but I’d rather deal with that then watching my daughter throw her life away staying with this loser.

Now, we are taking steps to keep him away from the hospital during her birth-at her request. We were told that she can bring a photo of who she doesn’t want there and the nurses will take care of it. (I guess the pictures I took of them the other day had a good purpose after all!)

If you see this boy, please take him over your knee and spank him.

One thing I’ve noticed during this whole ordeal, was that she reminds me alot of me when I was younger and how I was with boys. I understand how hard it can be to get out of a bad relationship and I had plenty of bad boys! Thank God I finally settled down and decided to look for a good guy- though I did have good boys come along before but they were boring to me- just like my daughter turned away the “boring” ones. I hope she learns too, that good guys can be fun too. Right, Hubby?

Don’t get me wrong, my husband is FAR from perfect, but we have a relationship that understands us and we can work through the hard times and have the same interests and we compliment each other-though, there are times I want to kill him!

But, today I just want to sit back and smile every time I look at my daughter’s “old” smiling face-I haven’t seen that girl in a long while.

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