Blogher conference? Are you done? I’m here!

Ok, I’m sure that yesterday everyone had wonderful Blogher conference stories to tell. Or perhaps, those of you that spent yesterday getting back to your normal routines and you will blog today about all the little goodies that you learned or all the wonderful bloggers you met.
That’s why I didn’t bother to post yesterday about my little life, for I feared that nobody cared about me for a bit.
Ok, is my jealousy showing a tad bit? YES, I’m am! I admit it. I wanted to go but alas, not this year. Maybe when they ever go to Chicago I will go. I’m not sure how it works- I’m new to this. Do they hold it in different states?
So, while you were all at the Blogher conference, I discovered a great community-Mom Bloggers Club . I love this place! I will definitely include it in my book and plan on trying to get an interview with the creators. I received a warm welcome by alot of bloggers and hopefully, I few new readers.( hint, hint.)
Also, my contest is almost over, so enter! Please? Pretty please?
My contest has actually been the least of my concerns lately. We’ve been holding our breath, hoping that my daughter’s boyfriend would sign up for the Army and the clouds would open up and angels would come down from Heaven and sing beautiful songs…Ok, I’m getting carried away. I’m just saying that it would make life much easier for everyone if he went away for awhile and if the Army would make him a man.
Well, we got the news and I was just wondering what terrible thing I did to piss God off.
The dumb ass apparently has a bum knee (always some excuse) so, they want him to do therapy for a month before he can go AND he has to pay for it himself, which won’t happen since he quits his jobs all the time.
So, now he’ll be here for the baby’s birth-damn. My only hope is that my husband’s dream he had 9 months ago totally comes true- he had a dream that my daughter was pregnant (came true) she was due in August (came true) and the father wasn’t there for the birth-can we get a three out of three, people?
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