A Saturday post-woo hoo!

I don’t usually post on the weekends, but I felt the urge to write and well, you have to write when you need to write!

Today, I need to catch up on a ton of reviews that have been coming my way this week. Yes, I nudged everyone to send me the goodies and then I end up behind. I do feel like it’s Christmas with all the packages coming to my door!
I’m also working on a book-not my fiction book- A new one about blogging. This blogging thing fascinates me and I have been doing research and have a great idea for a blogging book. I’m looking for any bloggers that have been doing it for awhile and have some advice for newbies. I’m going to feature twelve bloggers to be in my book and if you would like to be one of them, give me a shout.
I’m also supposed to take pictures of my daughter and her piece of shit boyfriend that she wants to have for the baby. I’m not looking forward to it cause I’m sorry, but I really hate the guy. He’s supposed to sign up for the Army but I really don’t think he’ll go through with it since he never does what he says he’s going to do. I think that would be the best thing for him to shape up his life if you ask me. (But, whoever does?)
My biggest hope would be that he gets shipped out for training and misses being at the hospital for the birth. I know, I know. How can I be so cruel? Well, I’m actually saving his life from some very angry male relatives of Jessica that will be there and want to kill him.
Anyway, I think I might get out of doing the photos because it’s raining right now and I only do sessions outside.
The downside of it raining is that I intended to do some landscaping today-yes, me do yard work. We’ll see how that goes-hell, I’ll even take photos of the before and after for those of you that have absolutely nothing better to do in your lives but to look at my freakin yard. ha ha.
My Saturdays also usually involve handing out business cards to poor unsuspecting dog owners to let them know about my dog artwork-can’t do that now either.
So, it should have been a busy day, but now it may just be a lazy rainy day.
Oh yeah, I still got those reviews to do and a book to write-damn.
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