Oh baby

Those of you that follow my blog (bless you!) know that my oldest is due next month. I’ve gone through many emotions over the past months and I’ve earned a few more grey hairs. These months have gone by fast and before we know it, we’ll be greeting a new addition to the family. One more to love, pick on, hug, give a nickname that they will live with their entire life-one more to call family in our lives.
Just as I have come to reality about being a grandma, we are facing a new dilemma. Well, I call it that. My daughter calls it the best freakin thing to happen to her. What is this wonderful new situation we have to deal with? Let me tell ya-She wants her own place.
Come on, now. I’ve just faced the fact that my little girl was grown up enough to have sex (sorry, a bit of throw up just came up my throat) and get pregnant.
Ok, so I’ve accepted that-for the most part. Now, my baby thinks she wants her own place.
I just lost my baby totally, I think to myself. Now, I can totally know how my mom felt when I told her that I wanted to get my own place at nineteen and then went to Europe for a boy and then got pregnant at twenty-sorry, Mom.
When I told her that I wouldn’t be able to breathe not knowing if she was ok 24 hours a day and that I would be calling her every half and hour, she said, “Yeah, I can see you showing up at my doorstep at 5 am with the cops if I don’t answer the phone.”
Don’t tell her, but I already planned on doing that.
So, I guess its time for me to start growing up and trust my kids to do the right thing when they decide to leave the nest. Who knows, this could be fun. If the baby didn’t live here, I could be one of those grandmas that spoil the hell out of them and then send them home to get back at every rotten thing my kid did to me. Paybacks are hell.
My husband took the news a bit better. When we brought up the idea to him, he got a big smile on his face and just said, “Now we can get a pool table!”
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