A day at the park

I needed to take my daughter’s 8th month pregnancy pics-we’ve been taking each month of pregnancy at her request and this weekend was perfect to go to the park and get it done. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and bring my TMoodyDesigns.com business cards (with a dog treat tied to them) to hand out to anyone with a pet. I didn’t do too bad with people taking one and they were actually excited to get something for free. I just had one family that looked at me like I had a pile of nasty dog crap in my hand and if they took it, they would be forced to sell me their first born.
They finally decided to have their kid take it, figuring that if she didn’t blow up, it would be safe for them to touch.
I sure hope they won’t miss their first born too much- I’ll let her write on holidays.

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