A very odd combination.

I’m going to the store today and have the strangest combination of items- dog biscuits and maxi pads.
I’m sure I will get a puzzled look from the cashier as to why I would come up with these choice items to purchase at the same time. I’m thinking of what response I will give and follow with a nervous giggle:
Perhaps, I was grabbing for a pad and mistakenly grabbed the dog biscuit box (because we like to snack on them while in the bathroom) and realized both were empty.
Or, maybe I found the dog tearing up the last of my Maxis and figured she must be getting me back for giving her dog biscuits to the cats because they were out of cat food and were secretly planning to bast me with butter and cook me over the fire pit.
Or, I could just tell her that I ran out of pads and while on the toilet, I just had a dumb thought that I need dog biscuits.
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