How I spent my evening

After doing my daily business tasks all day, I threw together tacos from part of our left overs from the shower(mainly ground beef) to keep the enemy at bay while I hit the Internet to find wonderful potential sponsors- I send lots of love to all of you that were lucky to get stalked hear from me! See, if you heard from me then you know you have wonderful products. Those of you that replied, God Bless You! Sorry to throw religion in there. How about, thank you very, very, very much???

I came across so many cool items that when I get my stimulus check (yes, I’m one of the unlucky to have to wait due to a stupid error) I will have to go online shopping!

Hunting on the Internet was some what relaxing to me surprisingly and I really needed something to relax me. You see, I’m really not sure why, but I have been feeling very anxious lately. I thought maybe it was because I had the two parties to do and I figured that it would go away after they were done. No such luck. I’ve never gone through any kind of anxiety before. I’ve heard of them and a person will tell you that you can’t explain it to someone, they just have to go through it themselves to understand. So, not knowing what they really are, I’m thinking this might be it. For me to explain would be to say that you feel like you need to do something but you don’t know what. Which, makes you very short tempered. The kids and hubby don’t know about my anxiety right now- they just keep asking if it’s my time of the month.
So, I’m hoping to over come this and I’m really looking forward to this contest.
I know what you’re thinking, “Does this broad know what she’s in for?”
Don’t worry, I can handle this.
BTW, have I ever told you that I believe in Santa Claus?
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