This damn blog

I really hate advertising.
I promised myself when I started this blog that I would totally advertise the heck out of it. After all, my dream is to be the next Dooce. Yes, I know all you faithful Dooce readers. She is great- the Queen of Blogging. But, hey, I can dream big!
Anyway, I had alot of great ideas and plans for this blog- and still do. It’s just getting my ass to get motivated to spend every waking moment getting it done.
So, I decided to run a contest. Contests are great publicity and fun to do and I plan on having a great one.
I’m going to be contacting businesses that relate to my review section, so I plan on having some totally cool items to give away and it will start in July. Keep checking my Reviewing Mama site for details and if you want to donate something, contact me.
I also am designing some blogging tshirts and anyone entering the first contest will be put in a drawing for a free blogging tshirt too.
Wish me a happy begging -people-to-give-me-their-stuff-hunt!
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