Crushing the dream

I have been taking an online digital painting course to improve my graphic skills but really let it go down the toilet. I mean, I read the lessons, practised them and submitted a couple of paintings. I just felt that it wasn’t what I expected and I told the lady so in the forum. Apparently, this totally crushed her and she sent a mass email to all of us saying someone complained about her course instead of just emailing me- at first.
Well, I didn’t mean to cause such a stir and I really only stated that I thought she would have had a lesson on changing the color of the fur on animals to another color. I know this does not make any sense to anyone but bare with me.
Then, I got a long, long and very long email from her basically saying that all I needed to do was contact her if I had a problem. Now I was starting to regret making the single little comment. Obviously, this person takes great offense to anyone making an observation of her work. I suppose if someone sent me an email saying that my blog stunk and I am a bad mom and I shouldn’t tell people that I think about selling my kids to the gypsies, I would take offense to it.
Wait. Would I really be that sensitive?
Hmmm…No, I probably would just ask them if, on the way to the child services they see any gypsies, tell them that I’ll give them a free gallon of gas per child too.
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