It’s finally over!

It finally came and went- I’m talking about the shower, of course.
For those of you who have been patiently reading about me rant over my daughter’s shower for the past week, you can finally say, “Praise the Lord. She can FINALLY shut-up about that shower!”
You know you want the dirty little details, though. OK, here they go:
We didn’t get the turn out we expected. About 50 people didn’t show up and Jess was pretty upset at her friends that had promised, swore and even begged to come and then didn’t. We don’t know if they couldn’t find the place but hey, we do have cell phones. We waited about a half an hour and then said, screw them. Jess did decide that if her pregnant friends that didn’t come even think about inviting her to their showers, she will personally light their invite with a match, right in front of them, step on it, do a “na-na-na” dance around it and spit on it. Ok, that was my suggestion, but I think they would get the hint.
We played guess the belly size, a timed guessing game and held a 50/50 raffle. She was excited to get some cash (I felt that the person should just let her keep their share and I know if my mom or sis would’ve won, they would’ve let her. But, hey , that’s me and all.)
I have to mention that we had this awesome cake that my stepmom made. (she makes all of our cakes cause she’s so talented)

Look at the detail on the cupcakes-so cute!

I got this hat for Jess that said, Mama Jessie- she’s having a boy! I only could get her to wear it for about one minute because she said it was too hot in there to wear it-whatever.

We had fun over all and she got alot of stuff and some duplicates that she will be exchanging today.

And I just know everyone is wondering how the duck soaps went over.

Well, I have a funny story about those duck soaps.

Nobody mentioned how cute they were to me or how I must of put in alot of hard labor making them. No, the only reaction I got from them was when my ex’s mom bit the head off of one and then spit it out and said, “I guess these aren’t mints.”

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